Death & Survival

I don’t believe you understand

The fear that rises up

When I am sliding

When darkness calls out to me

Blades sing

It becomes a battle

Not to run the car off the freeway

Not to look for an exit

I do not believe you understand

The mammalian struggle

Between death & survival


Wherever you have gone

I feel you no more

The vines of forever

Reclaim the architecture

Of our love,

This monument shall crumble

As I erect temples

To replace

Your presence


I wanted the mountains to claim me

I grew up nestled beneath them

My comfort breaking the skies,

I wanted the mountains to teach me

Their histories secret

I learned how to read her caves & valleys

I wanted the mountains to love me

I nurtured her children

Walked her dry arroyos

I wanted the mountains to hold me

For I was always hers


When day breaks

I watch him fade




I wrapped his wrists when he was sixteen

I sat bedside at twenty

His mind consumed him by twenty-five

He sits like November

I catch a glint of summer

In his grey eyes



Our Celtic blood

Full of fire

We speak of our patriarchs

How they favored what our mothers rejected


If their histories were true

Or the dreams

Of lonely old men


The leviathan beached itself

It was summer

After the gulls had their fill

After the beach had tasted blood

The men came

That fire burned for near a week